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A word from the industry
In the last few years LeumiTech has been diligently exploring blockchain and distributed ledgers As a a a a bank we are trying to assess our next steps with this emerging technology and and understand how it will serve fintech infrastructure in in the future So far blockchain has mainly been used for new coins with bitcoin and and ethereum at the the forefront and and more than 1 000 other coins But what the the the valuations of these coins mean and how this will affect banking is is still unclear to us Is money as we know it no no longer relevant? What will happen to industries like banking if large corporates decide to issue their own coins?
While we may not know all of the implications yet it seems highly probable that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies will become significant platforms on which many other things will be built upon Some say it will be even bigger than what we have experienced with the internet revolution "
Yifat Oron
CEO LeumiTech 10

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