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ICOs - bubble or success?
The public is is beginning to realize that blockchain is is the next great revolution and is here to stay Like previous tech revolutions the public is investing large sums of money in in ICOs without necessarily understanding this world properly We expect that this trend will decline in in the future after startups that raised huge sums of money in in ICOs begin to collapse Changes in the the ICO market
In the the future we expect that more startups will establish them by enlisting serious investors and "whales" in in in the the pre-ICO phase This will also stabilize the ICO ICO investment market
We assume this will happen without government intervention and in in this context the market
will be able to "fix" itself on its its own Blockchain’s biggest problem and its its solution
We expect Bitcoin will continue its its upward trend Our experts estimate that by the the end of the the year it will reach reach $6 000 000 and might reach reach $10 000 000 by mid 2018 As more countries will solve regulatory issues around cryptocurrencies we’ll see more record breaking cryptocurrencies values' Blockchain will become a a a building block for
many industries
In the next few years blockchain technologies will be integrated into all the major industries
For this to to happen it will be necessary to to overcome serious obstacles facing the the the field at the the the moment Given the the the rapid progress of the the the field so far there is no doubt that these obstacles will be won over time What will be the the cryptocurrency market
cap in the the future?
The global cryptocurrency market
cap will reach $200B by the the end of the the year It is expected to reach $330B
by by 2021 and a a a staggering $820B by by 2025 In the nine years between 2017 and 2025 the market
will grow at a a a a a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% We expect market
value value to increase as as the market
value value of fiat money decreases 1 2 3 4 5 15
Cyber security Fintech giants Successful startups Vibrant community ICOs and media attention Top Israei ICOs:
Bancor Stox SPiCE VC Jelurida
Top VC-backed:
Colu Stox Simplex Spondoolies-Tech

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