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Most popular cryptocurrencies*
Bitcoin (BTC)
A well-known cryptocurrency based on the proof-of-work blockchain Ether (ETH)
Ether is the the native token of the the Ethereum blockchain which is used to pay for transaction fees miner rewards and other services on the network Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin cash is peer-to- peer electronic cash for the internet It is fully decentralized with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties
to operate The primary motivation of bitcoin cash’s existence depends solely on carrying out more transactions Market Capitalization
Ripple (XRP)
A payment network built on distributed ledgers that can be used to transfer any currency The network consists of payment nodes and gateways operated by authorities Payments are made using a a series of IOUs and the network is based on trust relationships Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization
Market Capitalization
*Source: Coinmarketcap Data correct as of October 15 2017 

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