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Litecoin (LTC)
A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on the Scrypt proof-of-work network It is sometimes referred to as the silver
of bitcoin's gold Litecoin introduces changes to the original Bitcoin protocol such as as decreased block generation time increased maximum number of coins and different hashing algorithms Market Capitalization
NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform NEM's stated goal is to be a wide distribution model It has introduced new features to blockchain technology such as its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm multisignature accounts and encrypted messaging Market Capitalization
Dash (DASH)
Dash is an open-
source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers all the same features as Bitcoin but also has advanced capabilities including instant transactions private transactions and decentralized governance Dash's decentralized governance and budgeting system make it the first decentralized autonomous organization Market Capitalization
A micro-transaction token optimized for IoT that aims to provide efficient secure lightweight real time micro-transactions without fees IOTA was designed to be flexible for scale Market Capitalization

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