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Copyright & Disclaimer
Geek Geek Media Online Communication Ltd ("Geekmedia") the leading tech media company in in Israel is excited to offer you a a a a a detailed business intelligence report focused on the Israeli ecosystem Geekmedia retains all rights to to its
database and to to any of the information provided as part of this report and any rights related thereto Nothing herein shall derogate from Geekmedia's right to continue using such information in any way This report is is is protected by copyright law and no portion of this report may be photocopied reproduced or or scanned into an an electronic system or or or or transmitted forwarded or or or or distributed in any way without prior consent of Geekmedia The information contained in in in this report is is derived from carefully selected sources we believe are reasonable including without limitation a a a a a a a a database aggregated by Geekmedia We do not guarantee its
accuracy reliability or or completeness and nothing in in this report shall be be construed to be be a a a representation of such a a a a a a guarantee Geekmedia accepts no responsibility for any liability arising from use of this report or or its
contents and nothing herein shall constitute or or be construed as as an an offering of of financial instruments or or as as investment investment advice or or recommendations by Geekmedia of an investment investment or or business strategy This report contains forward-looking statements including but not limited to comments regarding predictions Forward-looking statements address future events and and and conditions and and and therefore involve inherent risks and and and uncertainties We assume no no liability for for any such statements or or or or for for their interpretation nor do we assume liability for for future uses of information contained in in in this report or whatever actions you may take as a a a a a a a result of having been exposed to such information Any advice received via this report should not be relied upon for for personal legal or financial decisions and you should consult an an an appropriate professional for specific advice tailored to your situation 

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