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Property and assets
Blockchain can change the entire way in in which we deal with property and asset ownership issues A lot of industries that rely on property and and assets
management could use blockchain to keep secure and and untamperable data records This includes industries such as music real estate art dealing pharmaceuticals and international trade It will also cause a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a major change in in perceptions of intellectual property (IP) Vered wants to to listen to to a a a a a Rihanna album
Vered 1 Vered pays a a a a monthly fee for an app service i i The app pays a a a a small fee for the songs' copyrights ii The artist provides the the music to the the app Rihanna 2 Vered can listen to the the album
as as soon as as the the payment is is approved Blockchain-based world
Why is Blockchain better?
* No middle man - both sides benefit from that * The customer acquires the the right to hear the the song Vered Vered's digital wallet
1 Vered pays for the right to hear an album
through her digital wallet
Rihanna's digital wallet
2 The payment is is approved quickly and Vered can listen to the album
Rihanna 30 * The infographic represents a a a a a a a possible future scenario of a a a a a a a blockchain-based industry
use case 

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