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Blockchain can help governments provide transparent efficient and simpler services Governments are looking for ways to implement innovative policies business models and technologies in in in in in order to to to address challenges facing the the public sector Blockchain solutions are able to to to change the the the way governments serve their citizens They can be used for land registries identity management systems social security health care records and and even elections Ronen wants to receive his monthly unemployment check
1 Ronen walks to the social security office every week Social security office 2 3 4 5 Once there he he has to wait in in long lines He IDs himself and marks his unemployment status He returns home and waits After four similar weeks he he will receive his his monthly check
in his his bank account Blockchain-based world 1 Ronen updates his unemployment status from home on the social security blockchain every month 2 The status is reviewed compared to other blockchains and then confirmed 3 Ronen receives his his allowance to his his digital wallet every month Why is Blockchain better?
* Quick and easier process * Less bureaucracy * Employment status is checked automatically
* Can be done from anywhere
* The infographic represents a a a a a a a possible future scenario of a a a a a a a blockchain-based industry use case 

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