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Here are some possible uses for blockchain-based supply chain solutions:
1 Safe and secure bill bill of of lading lading Digital blockchain bill bill of of lading lading opens the way to a a a a a a a a a a a paperless secure and faster shipping industry The world of international trade is based on on paper documents (bills of of lading) which indicate ownership of of goods while they are being transported Without such documentation the goods won’t be released Since there is is no limit to the the amount of goods that this document can contain fraud is abundant Often these documents are lost and it takes a a a a long time to get new ones Waiting for these documents involves delays and additional costs Switching to a a a a a secure digital format accelerates processes and and reduces costs and and risks Due to to the cryptographic and decentralized nature of the ledger it is impossible
to change change the registry No single player can change change or distort the the the information in in the the the ledger for for their own good For example ships can send digital documents before arrival to to the port port for all sorts of factors: port port authorities security units customs terminal operators and more Artificial intelligence tools will be able to to to automate document validation to move the processing of submissions 2 Public availability brings
Consumers can get an an an an accurate reflection of of the the the prices and the the the shipping progress of of their orders Currently consumers have no reliable way of verifying the the the true value of the the the products they purchase: They don’t know if the the prices they pay are an accurate reflection of of the the real prices of of the the product They also don’t know what environmental damage occurred in in producing
their goods and if criminal or dubious actions were involved such as forgeries forced labor or or or or or or poor working conditions The distributed ledger is is an an accurate and secure solution that provides all the the information about the the process including price date location quality and condition of the the goods raw materials and any other relevant information 39

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