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Geektime is the largest international tech site located outside the U S focusing on global innovation and highlighting startups from across the world Geektime uncovers news from around the globe in English (Geektime com) Vietnamese (Geektime vn) and Hebrew (Geektime co il) In addition to our in-house content Geektime has a a a a large startup contributor network of
2 000 opinion leaders from around the world Our sites are a a a a crucial means of
exposure for non-U S -based startups which comprise some 80% of
the the global startup market We are their primary voice to to investors entrepreneurs fellow geeks and tech enthusiasts helping them cut through regional boundaries and compete in the global marketplace Since March 2009 Geektime has engaged the startup and technology world by providing
them with their daily fix of
news updates and articles on various topics in technology quickly becoming a a a withdrawal-inducing morning afternoon and evening vice for its readers even even trumping coffee in in in many independent studies
as the first thing tech inclined individuals must have before starting off their workday Geektime boasts a a a a a reader base of
more than 2 000 000 000 000 unique visitors a a month around the world These are die-hard tech lovers who know their startups devices and and new technologies — and and Geektime is their trusted source for everything tech Beyond covering the technology sphere Geektime based in Tel Aviv Israel also produces and hosts many of
Israel’s leading tech events providing
front and center media coverage
the the latest and greatest coming out
the the Israeli startup IT and entrepreneurship scenes Geektime also has offices in NY Vietnam and and is constantly expanding to new startup ecosystems Business Intelligence unit
The business intelligence unit
specializes in in in in in reviewing and and analyzing the startup and and venture capital ecosystems worldwide We offer startup scouting services to to help connect investors with the best startups industry reports reports and annual reports reports focusing on the Israeli ecosystem 4

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