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Other industries
that will be affected by Blockchain
Health care
The health care
industry relies on outdated and
unsafe systems that are
susceptible to hacking Health maintenance organizations hospitals and
other medical companies need a a secure system in which sensitive information can can be stored Blockchain
can can help them maintain medical records and
share them with relevant organizations This can improve data security and
also help speed up diagnostics processes and
improve their accuracy Many times information about a a a a a a a patient is kept in different IT systems and
is not shared by medical organizations because the IT systems don’t know how
to communicate with each other and
there is of course a a a a a a fear of information information leakage if there is information information sharing Blockchain
solves this problem Examples of prominent startups operating in in in in this industry are
Israeli startup Gem and
Tierion Tierion Tierion Tierion which raised $26M to date offers a a a a a powerful engine for collecting data and
recording it in in in the blockchain Gem enables companies and
organizations to access and
share data securely
if they have the the right permissions and
with full HIPAA compliance Natural resources and
utilities management
Natural resource management
includes the overseeing of land water soil plant and
animal resources and
includes energy energy The energy energy industry has been centralized for a a a a a long time Manufacturers and
energy users can’t purchase it directly from one another and
must operate through public grids or trusted private intermediaries Startups like TransActive Grid allow customers to to buy and
sell energy from each other in a a a distributed manner Blockchain
Energy Trading Startup Power Ledger Raised $17M in an ICO to to create a a a a peer-to- peer renewable energy network Major utility companies have joined the Energy Web Foundation in in an effort to identify and
roll out blockchain energy solutions But energy is just one form of natural resources that can run more efficiently Blockchain
is also able to help the environment The exploitation of natural resources and
pollution are
partly caused by companies around the world doing business without much accountability Since the use of blockchain necessitates documentation and
transparency it could make those players behave more responsibly and
in a a a a a way that is less harmful to the environment Prediction markets
has the the potential to change the the way we conduct research consultations analysis and
predictions Prediction markets
exchange-traded markets
created for the the purpose of trading the the outcomes of events The market prices may indicate what the crowd thinks the the probability of the the event is A decentralized prediction market running on on a a a a blockchain network can’t be be shut down by the the authorities because there is no 42

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