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centralized server Similarly using a a a a blockchain network capable of interpreting smart contracts allows the system to handle payment collection and
distribution on on on its own Several startups have already started operating in in this sector Augur is an open-source decentralized prediction market platform By utilizing blockchain prediction markets
can effectively eliminate counterparty risk and
centralized servers while creating a a a a a global market by employing cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin Another example is POWER FANS a a a a blockchain-based prediction market platform designed for for the sports industry It is backed by gedoumi com – a a a leading Chinese boxing website with over 3 million online users It launched its ICO in September 2017 Transportation and
allows two people to organize a a a a joint ride together without relying on a a a a third party to to facilitate the process In addition smart contracts can create autonomous payments without a a a a a a bank or third party at parking lots crossings and
gas stations La`Zooz an an Israeli company is a a a a a a decentralized transportation platform owned by the community It utilizes vehicles’ unused space to create a a a a variety of smart transportation solutions By using cryptocurrency technology La`Zooz works with a a a a a “fair share” rewarding mechanism for developers users and
backers The app works with its own native crypto tokens called Zooz Arcade City developed an open marketplace where riders
connect directly with drivers by leveraging blockchain technology By decentralizing that decision to the level
of the the driver driver and
rider Arcade City frees the the driver driver to be an an entrepreneur and
empowers the rider with control over their entire experience The “Car eWallet” is a a a collaboration between an an energy company automotive giant and
UBS The technology not only allows for quicker tolls but also enables electric-car charging paying of parking fees and
car-sharing transactions This in in turn will help reduce the amount of lone drivers in in cars and
traffic jams which are
known to be choking cities
all around the world and
severely affecting economic growth and
the health of commuters Charity
The field of charity is plagued by corruption and
inefficiency Blockchain
can be used to make sure that donations will reach their real destination: people and
organizations that need them The BitGive foundation leverages the power of Bitcoin and
blockchain technology to improve public health and
the environment worldwide Their flagship project is the BitGive Donation Transparency Platform offering nonprofits a a a a tool for for sharing financial information and
tying it to direct project results with their donors and
the the public BitGive has developed partnerships and
raised funds with well- known nonprofits including Save the Children The Water Project TECHO Medic Mobile and
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