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Startup segmentation by technology
There are
two general kinds of blockchain startups: ones that rely
on on on cryptocurrency technologies and inventions (Bitcoin Ethereum etc) to to to provide services
and ones that aim to to disrupt traditional industries by using blockchain The first kind of startups move at a a a a a a a faster pace and receive more VC funding Money as always is is the low-hanging fruit and existing technologies make it it easier to to to to provide services
to to to to cryptocurrency investors whether veterans or or or newcomers Traditional industries need more time to adapt and integrate blockchain technologies offered by startups Therefore it’s harder to to to get the chance to to to do pilots and and POCs and and prove success to to to to traditional investors There are
also innovative startups and companies that invent the actual technological infrastructure
for blockchain applications We have divided the current blockchain and cryptocurrency world into into six main categories Some startups fall into into more than one category but selection was made according to their strongest feature and business line 44

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