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IoT and identity verification
Startups that offer blockchain solutions for IoT devices IoT startups in this sector help create a a a a secure digital identity for physical objects Blockchain technology
can provide a a a a way to to trace the unique history of devices by registering an entry in in in a a a ledger or tracking communications between devices and humans They can also be turned into agents that operate autonomously such as smart home appliances that decide on
performance priorities and issue orders from vendors vending machines that report stock shortages and buy new products and devices that can diagnose problems at fixed times order repairs and pay for them Filament offers a a a a a single point-of-access application
that enables users to manage data security on
various devices such as PCs smartphones tablets and clouds According to to a a filing submitted to to the SEC in in in late 2016 it raised nearly $9 5M The company is is focused on
fusing and connecting legacy industrial infrastructure with blockchain technology
Seventy percent of existing machines and infrastructures running in in in in various industrial verticals are disconnected The physical elements of a a a Filament network are its low-power hardware nodes which connect existing machinery and industrial infrastructure to to the network or or directly to to each other Chronicled which raised $4 83M has published an open-source protocol for the Internet of Everything (IoE) Building on
top of that protocol Chronicled’s proprietary platform comprising of of hardware and software components enables the development of consumer and enterprise applications for physical goods devices machines and product packaging IBM offers a a a a a Watson IoT IoT Platform that enables IoT IoT devices to to send data to to private blockchain ledgers for inclusion
in shared transactions with tamper-resistant records All parties can verify each transaction preventing disputes and ensuring each party is held accountable for their individual roles in in the overall transaction Samsung also offers its Nexledger blockchain platform which is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform hosted with cloud computing IBM and Samsung together presented a a a proof of of concept for ADEPT which uses the blockchain database to build a a a massive distributed network of of devices — a a a sort of of decentralized IoT ADEPT (Autonomous Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Telemetry) taps into this source to to to provide a a a a secure low-cost way for devices to interact with each other Bosch Cisco Gemalto and More have teamed up with startups to to develop a a a protocol that will connect the dots between IoT devices and blockchain technology

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