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of companies seeking to raise money in in this way A lot of previously considered “ICO havens” are now acting to impose restrictions We can only assume that the rate is high because the sums of money invested in in ICOs
are outrageous unproportional and the companies are not very "mature" or professionally validated Top ICOs
One of of the the the things that continues to drive the the the momentum of of investment in in in in ICOs
is the the the extensive communication between entrepreneurs and the investment community community The norm is is that entrepreneurs are involved in in in community community discourse
and answer multiple rigorous questions to to reduce concerns This norm helps to to balance the huge risk involved in in in in in in investing in in in in in in a a a a a a a a a company at at an an an initial stage that did not undergo strict supervision processes such as what a a a a a a company must complete prior to an an IPO The The largest ICO ICO to date is is that of Filecoin The The company has has raised $52M from VCs and its ICO has has only been available to to to accredited investors Filecoin aims to to to build a a a decentralized cloud storage network using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to securely record and store data on a a a a a peer-to-peer basis This model allows users to to earn by donating their free hard drive storage space $257M | August 2017
EOS (ongoing ICO)
The DAO Status im Data storage network and electronic currency based on on Bitcoin
$232M | July 2017
Decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a a a a a a a true digital commonwealth
$185M | June 2017
Blockchain OS for commercial scale decentralized applications
$153M | June 2017
A new standard for cryptocurrencies convertible directly through their smart contracts
$150M | May 2016 Decentralized venture capital firm $99M | June 2017
Decentralized browser and messenger
Global market

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