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Tezos Tezos was the second biggest ICO Tezos Tezos develops
a a a a self-amending distributed ledger that allows for
the creation of smart contracts Because Tezos has a a a a a a built-in consensus mechanism its protocol can evolve and incorporate innovations over time without the risk of hard forks splitting the market Tezos is is its own blockchain and token called Tez (XTZ) Block one provides end-to-end solutions to to bring businesses into the blockchain from strategic planning to to product deployment The ongoing ICO raised about $185B so far by selling its EOS token The The ICO ICO capital is aimed to to fund the development of Block one's next- level scalable smart contracts platform that will help businesses to to automate processes develop multiple applications and monitor their assets EOS is considered by some to be the the “Ethereum of China ”
Bancor is a a a a a a a a a a protocol for
the creation of Smart Tokens a a a a a a a new standard for
cryptocurrencies that are intrinsically convertible directly through their smart contracts It raised raised raised raised roughly $153M in in in ether during its ICO in in in June The Bancor ICO attracted big investors such as VC firm Blockchain Capital and seasoned blockchain investor Tim Draper The ICO was so popular that the the Ethereum network was flooded with traffic leading to several transaction problems and worries over over coin oversupply The DAO DAO a a a a a a a a a a decentralized decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) works as a a a a a decentralized fund management investing in in in in blockchain projects It raised $150M worth
of ether in May 2016 A month later it was discovered that a a a a a a vulnerability in the DAO’s smart contract allowed
a a a a hacker to steal around one third of the the invested ether The infamous DAO DAO hack led to the the dissolution of the the DAO DAO and a a a a a a hard fork in in the the Ethereum blockchain that allowed
ether ether holders to to to restore their ether ether holdings back to to to before the hack It also caused authorities to initiate new ICO regulations and warnings Swiss company Status Status im raised $99M through an an ICO in June Built on the the Ethereum network Status Status is a a a browser wallet and messenger app It allows for
the hosting of decentralized apps from other developers Historical mention:
The first ever ICO was held by Omni (formerly Mastercoin) and raised $5M worth
of bitcoins Omni enables the Bitcoin ecosystem to become more decentralized and operate more in in line with its peer-to- peer nature The Omni Protocol facilitates the creation and and trading of smart properties and and user currencies as well as as other types of smart contracts OMNIs serve as as binding between bitcoins (BTC) smart properties and smart contracts created on on top of the Omni Protocol Ethereum raised money with a a a a token sale in in 2014 raising $2 3M in in its first 12 hours An ICO was held by Karmacoin
As can be seen in the the graph at the the top of the next page between 2016 and 2017 there’s been a a sharp drop of 54% in the the sum of equity investments However there is is an astonishing increase in in in the the sum of investments raised in in ICOs It is clear that one comes at at the expense of the the the other That is in 2016 there wasn’t such a a high volume of ICOs and they also raised relatively less money than
in 2017 2017 In 2017 2017 the trend has reversed: Entrepreneurs preferred to follow the path of ICOs to raise more money at at an earlier stage without giving up equity or
being committed to to to tough VC investors 64

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