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the the success of
these startups It is safe to assume
that this trend of
the the public investing their capital in in blockchain companies will subside after enough companies fail and collapse This will lead to a a a a a a more stable and realistic market market a a a a a a a a a regulated market market that leans on
various "underwriters" But there is a a a a a a large number of
regulatory taxation and money laundering challenges that must be overcome for cryptocurrencies to to reach the the mainstream Among other things it it it is difficult for authorities to deal with a a a currency that that can retain user anonymity However we we expect that that within five years the effects of
this technology will be felt in many homes around the world On a a a a a personal note blockchain is a a a a a huge and complex technology sector It is difficult to to summarize it in the framework of
one report But we have tried our best to explain it in in an an accessible way so that readers can get a a a a a a a a basic understanding of
what is happening in in in the market and what is crucial to know We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and let us know what you think!
Beni Hakak
Business Intelligence Unit Geektime beni@geektime com Business Intelligence unit 

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