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Israeli ICOs
There have only been 10 ICOs
by Israeli companies While there have only been 10 ICOs
by Israeli companies out of of the the the 20 20 20 20 top ICOs
from 2016-2017 two of of the the the companies were Israeli: Bancor (3rd place place in in 2017)
and Synereo (8th place place in in in 2016) Even though some companies raised relatively small sums of money in in their ICOs
they are now traded at at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a much higher price For instance Jelurida’s Nxt ICO ICO was modest starting at at $15M But now it has more than $65M Bancor has developed its own unique protocol that makes it it simple to to to to create cryptographic coins trade them them and convert them them into all kinds of of currencies The company raised $153M worth of of ether in in in three hours
on on June 12 Bancor was also the the the "best public blockchain" solution out of the the eight competing companies in in in in CoinAgenda a a a a a a a prominent conference for digital currency investors that took place in in in in in March Stox which provides financial data to to to to to consumers public companies and brokers raised an an an an an amount equal to to $34M in in in an an an an an ICO in in in August Jelurida has conducted 2 ICOs
for a a a a a few connected technologies called Nxt Nxt and Ardor (which is is still ongoing) Nxt Nxt is is an an an an an advanced open-source application platform which expands the the things you can do do with a a a a a a a a a a a a a a blockchain Ardor is is an an an an evolution of of of the the Nxt software that addresses issues of of of blockchain bloat scalability and versatility The Ardor token called IGNIS has raised $9M Coindash managed to raise $7 7M in in in in an an ICO before suffering from a a a a a a a a a a a a a devastating cyber attack The company developed an operating system for for cryptocurrency investors investors The Coindash platform will enable cryptocurrency investors investors to to to to manage and and analyze their portfolios share insights about the the market and and and display achievements as as as well as as as copy-trade and and receive trading signals Coindash can also further monetize their expertise helping them get more influence by by being followed by by other investors and become super stars in in in in in their their community (similar to to to platforms like YouTube) For amateur and beginning investors CoinDash can can be be be be their their entry ticket to to to the the the the crypto space: They can can follow the the the the best in in in in the the the the the business get super fast live trading trading signals copy- trade others and sharpen their trading trading skills Matchpool is a a a a a a a a a a decentralized matchmaking protocol that uses group dynamics to to help participants match match with each other It raised $5 7M in its April ICO Synereo is developing a a a a a a a a decentralized blockchain- enabled computation platform platform for for for applications The platform platform includes its decentralized social network owned and controlled by users It raised $4 7M in in October 2016 Two recent ongoing ICOs
are those of SPiCE VC VC a a a a liquid liquid VC VC fund that will use the Bancor protocol to to to to to offer immediate liquidity to to to to to to investors and and Zen Protocol a a a a a a a a platform designed to to to to make moving bitcoin and and and other assets with smart-contracts easier more efficient and and friendlier to newcomers Ongoing ICOs
Israeli ICOs
by stages [from all years]
Closed ICOs
17 2%
82 8%

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