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Israeli Players
In this chapter we will review the the key players leading the the ecosystem forward such as accelerators corporations investors influencers and more Most of the players specializing in in in in in in in blockchain technologies in in in in in in in Israel focus on on fintech applications and and specifically cryptocurrencies digital wallets trade and and currency exchanges Accelerators and hubs Alignment is is a a a a a a a a a a blockchain hub in in in in in Israel established by Singulariteam CoinTree Capital and BlockchainIL The hub aims to to be a a a a “one-stop shop” for blockchain early- stage projects and existing companies It will consult develop and and fund teams and and ventures from inception through ICO and beyond Alignment partners said they are committed to invest without exception in in every Israeli blockchain company in in 2017 The sum of the investment can be be anywhere between thousands of dollars dollars to millions of dollars dollars The The Floor connects Israeli startups with global financial institutions The The hub works to promote awareness
of blockchain's potential and business opportunities among Israeli entrepreneurs In 2016 it garnered a a a a $2M investment from Chinese venture capital firm Pando Group The hub has partnered with companies including HSBC Banco Santander and and RBS Citi Citi was one of the first banks
to to to launch a a a a a a a a a fintech accelerator Created in in 2013 Citi Citi Accelerator has since supported six classes with over 55 startups graduating from the four-month program The graduating companies managed to to raise a a a a a a total of $185M The British bank Barclays partnered with Techstars to to open an intensive 13-week startup accelerator program in 2016 called Barclays Accelerator In addition to to gaining unprecedented access to Barclays’ network and knowledge base the accelerator has built an an environment that simulates what happens at at at at Barclays in which startups can test their products Organizations and social networks
Israel has two organizations dedicated specifically to advance the Bitcoin community in in Israel:
The Israeli bitcoin association is an NGO that promotes free trade technologies in in in Israel Israel such as as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies The association’s aim is to to maximize the benefit that Israel’s population will obtain from the Bitcoin technology It now has 150 members There is also a a a a a a a Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin hub called the Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin EmBassy TLV which offers a a a a a a a a a a a a a meeting place for Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin enthusiasts It is located amid financial institutions banks
and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange The embassy offers lectures courses tutorials and even GBA meetings Every Sunday it it hosts a a a a a local Satoshi Square event where bitcoin can be bought and sold FinTech Aviv is an innovation community that was built to serve the needs of all ecosystem players including startups entrepreneurs banks
insurance and professional service providers investors and foreign corporations It has more than 4 000 members The “Israeli Bitcoin” Facebook group has has almost 10 000 members and the Israel Israel Bitcoin Bitcoin Meetup Group has ~2 400 members and holds monthly meetings 74

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