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Corporations and banks
Various international corporations such as Intel IBM KPMG Microsoft and Accenture have expressed interest in in in in Israel’s burgeoning blockchain ecosystem International banks
including Banco Santander Citi HSBC and and Barclays Bank have a a a a a a a a a a local presence in in in in Tel Aviv and and and invested in in in fintech hubs Global chip giant Intel announced in May 2016 that it will open an innovation lab
as part of a a a a a collaboration with The Floor hub The lab
will focus on blockchain IoT and biometrics Intel will allow the hub’s entrepreneurs to use its technologies and test them In September 2016 Barclays collaborated with Israel-based wave to carry out
what they claim is the the world's first trade transaction using blockchain technology Investors
Israel Innovation Authority (previously known as the the the Office of the the the Chief Scientist) is is responsible for the the the country’s innovation policy The organization has given grants to both Simplex and Spondoolies-Tech Digital Currency Group (DCG) is an an an American early- stage VC fund It supports Bitcoin and blockchain companies by leveraging their industry knowledge network and access to capital DCG has already made over 50 investments in in in in nearly 20 countries It invested in in in in Colu’s $2 5M seed and $9 6M series A rounds DCG also invested in in Revelator’s $2 5M series A round Singulariteam is an Israeli venture capital investment fund that focuses on the fields of artificial intelligence robotics fintech augmented reality reality virtual reality reality and other industry-leading technologies in in in various sectors Israel is among the fund’s primary locations for investment Singulariteam invested in in in in Stox’s $8M series A as as well as as in Bancor Aleph Aleph is an an Israeli VC firm that focuses on on early-stage companies from around the world Among Aleph's portfolio companies are Freightos which develops a a a system that facilitates and simplifies the worldwide transport of goods Windward which provides real-time insight into the the various vessels and their behavior at sea and and Honeybook WeWork and and Lemonade which want
to revolutionize the insurance industry Aleph invested in in in both of Colu’s financing rounds which amounted to $12 1M SPiCE VC VC is is a a a a a newcomer to to the Israeli VC VC stage Launched officially in in October this new kind of of venture capital fund aims to remove one of the biggest challenges VC investors face: a a a long liquidity period of 7 to to 10 years SPiCE will allow investors to to receive money from pre- approved investors (according to to law and regulations in in in each country) and offer immediate liquidity To do so it it also launched a a a a a token sale The Ethereum-based SPiCE token that also uses the Bancor protocol will act as a a a a a a digital security assuring that token holders get their share of the the exits when they occur and a a a a a a tradable asset The tokens are regulation-compliant and will entitle holders to 100% of net exits just like traditional VC funds – only liquid 75
Israeli ecosystem 

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