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Events & Milestones
October 2014 The Inside Bitcoins Conference and Expo was held in Tel Aviv The event offered an opportunity for developers entrepreneurs investors lawmakers researchers
and Bitcoin experts to learn more about blockchain technology The event dealt with various topics such as cyber security economics regulation mining startups academics and more In September Bank Hapoalim
and Microsoft announced the first collaboration of its kind in in Israel: the establishment of a a a platform for for the implementation of digital guarantees for private and business customers using blockchain In this way Bank Hapoalim
is is expected to to be the first bank in Israel to to harness blockchain technology in in favor of financial contracts This is is a a a a pioneering project of knowledge sharing between parties that will improve the customer experience and will make the entire process of receiving guarantees (bringing guarantor the signing of notaries etc ) into a a digital process on the Microsoft Azure cloud This is is expected to lead
to a a shortening of of the the duration of of the the guarantees In March 2017 Bank Hapoalim
and BNY Mellon held an international blockchain conference in Tel Aviv The event dealt with the role of blockchain in in in financial markets Intel and The Floor hosted an an International Blockchain Hackathon with the participation of several world leading banks The First Israeli Bitcoin Hackathon was held on May 30 2013 and organized by eToro September 2016 Wave an Israeli startup based on Bitcoin technology was chosen as as one of two companies to to introduce the technology to to Barclays Worldwide Wave managed to sign a a a a cooperation agreement and continued development with the bank Trends
Tel Aviv is considered one of the leading cities in in in the world in in in Bitcoin adoption At the the moment the the blockchain ecosystem in in Israel is underperforming While cyber security startups are flourishing and scooping up all the top cryptography talents and funding there's less happening for blockchain startups Shift from B2C to B2B: At first Israeli startups stormed the B2C field because they they thought they they would succeed banks and other third parties But in practice they realized that it was not so simple and therefore they went towards B2B Now there is an an an understanding from banks that they can use startups and develop innovative products together Challenges and opportunities
While the fintech sector has been booming in in recent years and specifically in 2016 throughout this year we have seen a a slowdown It is is possible that this is due to several fintech hubs in in Israel closing like FintechTLV a co-working space and Visa Europe Collab a a a a a foreign entrepreneurship program that closed at at the the beginning of the the year Blockchain has the potential to reignite the interest of investors and corporations in in in Israel’s fintech innovation 77
Israeli ecosystem 

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