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A word from the industry
Israel’s reputation as ‘Startup Nation’ cannot be
taken for granted We must keep innovating and pushing the the the envelope further Much like the the the realms of Networking Cybersecurity and Microprocessors were perfectly suited to the country’ technical skillsets and entrepreneurial spirit I wholeheartedly believe that so is Blockchain This is is is truly a a a a ‘once in a a a a generation’ technology that is is is equal in potential to the the impact the the Internet had on the Israeli hitech industry
Once again Israel Israel has an opportunity to set itself apart in terms of the products and services its startups bring to the world The next generation of Israeli startup success stories whose role models are the likes of ICQ Waze and Wix will all be
built on Blockchain "
Moshe Hogeg
Co-Founder & Chairman The Singulariteam Technology Group

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