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Prominent Israeli startups
Founded: 2014
Founders: Amos Meiri (CEO) David Ring (CFO) Mark Smargon (VP of Blockchain)
Funding: $12 1M from Aleph Spark Capital BoxGroup and Digital Currency Group Colu
creates local currencies for smart economies using blockchain technology Colu
is in in in in the process of building a comprehensive network that connects public and private blockchains into one interconnected distributed ecosystem that allows local economies to exist on on a a a global scale Colu
now has more than 50 000 users across its communities with with a a a a transaction being made with with Colu
every minute Colu’s platform is already being used by communities and municipalities around the world to create local digital currencies Large-scale projects in Barbados and Brazil
are fostering greater access to the financial system Community projects in Tel Aviv Haifa Liverpool and London are increasing social capital and encouraging community cooperation Simplex
Founded: 2014
Founders: Nimrod Lehavi (CEO) Erez Shapira (CTO) Netanel Kabala (CRO) Funding: $8M from iAngels Bitmain DRW Venture Capital FundersClub and more Simplex
provides worldwide online merchants with a a a a fraudless payment processing solution It is currently focused on on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and serves exchanges brokers and wallets Simplex
is fully regulated
as a a a a a financial institution and enables online merchants to focus on growing their business with guaranteed fraud chargeback liability In case of a a a a fraud chargeback the merchant still gets paid by Simplex
In case of other chargebacks Simplex
is able to process the dispute with an over 60% success rate Simplex
is collecting multiple data points on on every transaction and user Using this data Simplex's AI machine learning algorithms correctly analyze and assess if a a a a a a certain transaction is is too risky Then it employs in-flow verification mechanisms to decrease fraud while increasing conversion Today Simplex
prevents fraud on transactions totaling tens of millions of dollars each month Bancor
Founded: 2016
Founders: Guy Benartzi Benartzi (Business Development) Galia Benartzi (Operations)
Funding: $152 3M in in in an ICO Investors include: Blockchain Capital and James Sowers
Bancor's protocol is a a a a a a a a standard that allows anyone to to easily create completely liquid smart tokens that calculate their own prices and enable a a a a a a a a a single party
to to to convert any token to to to another without requiring a a a a a second party
to exchange with with This process enables the long-tail of completely liquid cryptocurrencies Smart tokens hold other tokens in reserve and can be used as decentralized token baskets (like ETFs) token changers (like shapeshift) project and protocol tokens (like GNT and REP) community currencies (like Ithacash and and reward miles) and and more The Bancor
network token forms
a a monetary structure where increased demand for any of the network's smart tokens drives up the the value of the the common Bancor
token benefiting all other smart tokens holding it in in reserve The Protocol is named in honor of economist John Maynard Keynes who proposed a a similar structure for the standardization of international finance after World War II 81
Israeli ecosystem 

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