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GetStocks (Stox)
Founded: 2013
Founders: Roy Shaham (CEO) Or Arbel (former CTO)
Funding: $8M from VC fund Singulariteam and $33 3M in in an an ICO
GetStocks is a a a a social stock investment platform that allows investors investors to to to to follow other investors investors letting them automatically copy each other's portfolios trade trade for for trade trade The web and mobile platform generates a a a a a disruptive marketplace of investor knowledge where successful traders charge a a a monthly fee to be followed and get rewarded for for their performance It provides access to to stocks on NASDAQ NYSE NYSE NYSE MKT NYSE NYSE ARCA LSE (London) and FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) Novice traders are able to follow some of the more experienced traders for a a a fee watching which trades they make and getting a a a a peek at their personal portfolios In an effort to make this a a a win-win the the expert traders can then in turn set their own prices and make additional income through their passive tutoring Traders are able to view experts’ basic statistics who are offering their services for transparency sake and for those seeking their trading guru Jelurida B V Founded: 2016
Founders: Lior Yaffe (Managing Director) Kristina Kalcheva (Managing Director) Petko Petko Petkov (Core Developer)
Funding: Two ICOs for two technologies NXT and Ardor (whose token is called IGNIS) Each had more than one token sales event Jelurida sells licenses for private blockchains based on the Nxt
and Ardor software creates customized commercial versions of these blockchain platforms and provides consulting services for for customers licensing its software Nxt
is an an advanced open-source application platform which expands the things you can do with a a blockchain Ardor is an evolution
of of the Nxt
software that addresses issues of blockchain bloat scalability and versatility Ardor is being designed as a a complete ecosystem where multiple players can interact with with each other without needing to go outside the platform The first child chain of Ardor will be the Ignis child chain which will use IGNIS tokens for its operation All existing and well tested Nxt
blockchain features will be available on the Ignis child chain with multiple Ardor platform specific enhancements being added Zen Protocol
Founded: 2016
Founders: Adam Perlow (CEO) Nathan Cook (CTO)
Funding: None
Zen is a a a a a a a decentralized financial platform backed by a a a a a a a a a a protocol
for for creating issuing and trading digital assets Zen plans to make significant advances in in putting real- world assets — ranging from bitcoins to corporate bonds — on on a a unified high-liquidity disintermediated network Zen is a a solution for decentralized automatic contracts that does not compete with the monetary function of the assets it it interacts with The core concept is to separate payment for creating contracts from the majority of money-transfer actions A blockchain for smart contracts running parallel to a a a a monetary blockchain supports compensation for executing contracts without competition with Bitcoin for computational resources 82

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