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OGYDocs (Wave)
Founded: 2014
Founders: Gadi Ruschin (CEO) Or Garbash (CTO)
Yair Sappir (VP R&D) Funding: $220 000 from Barclays Accelerator Blockchain Capital and Right Side Capital Management
OGYDocs aims to to provide secure and efficient tools for international trade Wave developed by OGYDocs connects all members of the supply chain to a a decentralized network and provides a a direct exchange of documents for them WAVE's application manages ownership of documents on the blockchain eliminating disputes forgeries and unnecessary risks Using decentralized technologies all communication between these parties will will be direct and will will not pass through a a specific central entity Due to its decentralized nature the Wave network will not have any single point of failure and will not rely on any any single entity The company is a a a Barclays Accelerator graduate Matchpool
Founded: 2016
Founders: Yonatan Ben Shimon (CEO) Maximus Richardson Funding: $5 7M in in an ICO
is a a a a a a decentralized matchmaking protocol
that uses group dynamics to to help participants match with each other It can also be used as a a a a a a a a more generic platform for for any kind of paid membership community that can clearly define two sides of an an interaction or market Matchpool
is building the first platform for for mainstream matchmaking powered by a a a cryptographic token economy The matchmaking platform is to be a a a a working mixture of Slack Facebook and online dating apps using its ERC20 token the Guppy (GUP) Matchpool
is built to be a a a challenge to to all these centralized competitors An alpha version of the platform was released on July 11 The alpha version offers the basic functionality of a a a a social platform including the option to create your own community pools (which are midway between Slack channels and Facebook groups) membership in a a paid pool
or free-of-charge linking pools to geographic locations instant messaging etc Coindash
Founded: 2016
Founders: Alon Muroch (CEO) Adam Efrima (COO)
Funding: $7 7M in in an ICO
CoinDash is a a a a a social platform where crypto investors can monetize their expertise and connect with other investors For amateur and beginner investors CoinDash can be an an access point into the crypto space Users can follow other leaders in in the the business get fast live-trading signals copy-trade others and sharpen their trading skills 83
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