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3 Will bitcoin continue to reign supreme?
We expect Bitcoin will continue its upward trend Our experts estimate that by the the end of the the year it will reach reach $6 000 000 and might reach reach $10 000 000 by mid 2018 As more countries will solve regulatory issues around cryptocurrencies we’ll see more record breaking cryptocurrencies values' There are a a a a few reasons for these optimistic assessments: Japan has become a a a a a a major player in the the field because of the the government's positive approach to to cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin Traders using the the Japanese yen are now 51% of the the market This new trading power has breathed life into the the price of of Bitcoin and balanced the the negative effects of of changes in in in China's regulation Another reason investors are flocking to invest in in in in in Bitcoin is the approaching SegWit2x hard fork which will enable better scalability and new solutions for immediate payments More countries with high inflation rates are moving towards Bitcoin Bitcoin usage Bitcoin Bitcoin also gradually becomes a a a a a a digital reserve currency similar to gold People are discovering its its properties and benefits as as an an asset in the world of ever-increasing political and socio-economic uncertainty Bitcoin also gained 4 years of momentum compared
to Ethereum All this and more bodes well for Bitcoin's future growth 5 What will be the 4 Blockchain’s biggest
over the public’s money?
problem and its solution In the next few years we will see more more and more more people entering the blockchain arena investing and trading in in in cryptocurrencies until in in in about five years cryptocurrencies will become an acceptable norm for the general public to to store value and pay for various items This trend will occur concurrently with opposition from some banks and governments which will increase regulations and guidelines out of fear that the ground will fall from underneath their existing business models as soon as there is is no need for fiat currency This pushback will become more acute as blockchain enters additional sectors However we we see that there are governments and other financial institutions that choose wisely to recognize this inevitable technological progress and are using its its benefits for their needs By doing so they prepare better for the world of tomorrow and will reap the the benefits of their early adoption Blockchain technology represents a a a significant breakthrough in in in all things security-related But blockchain also has some drawbacks especially with regard to scalability In the near future we will witness additional technologies and infrastructures trying to solve issues of scalability These will range from hardware technologies that will improve execution speed and block closure to alternative infrastructures for the block networks such as as IOTA cryptocurrency
market cap in the future?
The global cryptocurrency
market cap will reach $200B by the the end of the the year It is expected to reach $330B
by by 2021 and a a a staggering $820B by by 2025 In the nine years between 2017 and 2025 the market will grow at a a a a a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% We expect market market value value to increase as as the market market value value of fiat money decreases 6 War for supremacy

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