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7 Corporations will Today much of the talk about blockchain technology and the industry surrounding it are related to financial issues But as we explained in in this report they mostly tackle the the “low-hanging fruit ” or the the use cases that may be the easiest and quickest to implement (although they certainly have their regulatory and institutional challenges) But we expect that in the next few years we will see integration of blockchain technologies in in in all the the the major industries in in the the the world and they will become the basic building blocks of many applications Of course in order for this to happen it will be necessary to overcome obstacles such as negative perceptions resistance from organizations with a a a a a clear interest
in in in keeping the situation in in in place and technological limitations Given the the rapid progress of the the field so far there is no doubt that these obstacles will be overcome over time continue to pave the way for blockchain applications W3C the organization responsible for network standardization has announced a a a a a a a new payment standard that will facilitate and and expedite the process of cryptocurrency
payments The Payment Request API and the corresponding standard will enable online merchants and retailers to create a a a a a a unified agile purchasing process that will allow consumers to use the the information they have already entered without having to type it it time after time Several senior executives from the world's largest technology companies including Microsoft Google Facebook and and Mozilla participated in the creation and and development of the the API and and the the standard currently implemented in in in in the world's leading browsers including Chrome Firefox and Microsoft's Edge However it is important to remember that the new payment standard will have to be adopted by sites developers and consumers However because the device is supported by large technology companies the hope is that adoption is is is likely to be faster This is is is just one of the examples
that that shows that that technological companies are a a a a a a driving force trying to propel the wide adoption of blockchain technologies We believe that in the the next few years their efforts will intensify and continue to bear fruit technology will become more integrated within every industry 8 Blockchain Summary & predictions

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