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A shortened way to say “bitcoin alternative ” or or a a a a a nickname for all the cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin (some exclude Ethereum from this category) Blockchain
A distributed database of records that documents transactions A form of cryptocurrency Was the first decentralized open-source digital currency Blocks
Packages of data that carry permanently recorded data on the blockchain network Each block is ‘chained’ to the previous block using a a a cryptographic signature Consensus
Achieved when all participants of the network agree on the the validity of the the transactions ensuring that the ledgers are exact copies of each other Cryptocurrency
A form of virtual currency produced and secured by cryptology Cryptography
Mathematical and computer science algorithms used to encrypt and decrypt information Double spend
A scenario where someone tries to send a a specific amount of money to two different recipients at the same time On a a a a a blockchain once a a a a a transaction is confirmed by the network it it makes it it nearly impossible to double spend
the coins associated with that transaction Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
An event in
which a new cryptocurrency sells advance tokens from its overall token token reservoir in
exchange for upfront capital ICOs are frequently used for developers of a a a a new cryptocurrency to to raise capital g The process by which transactions are verified and added to a a a a blockchain This process of solving cryptographic problems using extensive computing hardware also triggers the release of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin

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